Born and raised in Ivanovo, Russia, Sergey Dikovsky has been drawing, carving, and sculpting since early years. Even though he attended the College of Textile Design in Russia, Sergey considers himself self-taught. He moved to New York in 1989 with his wife and two sons. Having to suport himself and his family, Sergey worked as a computer programmer, which left him little time for his passion. Nevertheless, he always found an opportunity to sneak in a sketch, a rough wooden carving, or a painting on cardboard. Having retired, Sergey found himself spending more and more time at his easel. Finally free of time constraints, he boldly plunged into the world of creativity, experimenting with colors, perspectives, and themes.

Sergey’s inspiration is the world arnound him - words (both written and spoken), sounds, places, and images. He devours information in all forms. An avid reader, an attentive listener, and an observant spectator, he is always either pondering some new idea, or redeveloping an old one. He is fascinated with history and world religions, and knowledgeable in a great many of subjects, which makes his painitings multifaceted expressions of his perception.

Sergey's art is sometimes humorous, sometimes spiritual, and sometimes contemplative. It can be both colorful and dark. But no matter what the canvas displays, it always manages to tug at our inner strings. It stimulates the viewer's thought, soul, and imagination. His works are beloved by a wide circle of friends' family, and acquaintances, and are locacated in private collections in Europe and the US. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and his son.